Metabo SE12-115 10 Amp Burnishing Machine Specs

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Metabo SE12-115 10 Amp Burnishing Machine Specs

Metabo SE12-115 10 Amp Features

  • For burnishing, finishing and reconditioning special steel, steel, non-ferrous heavy metals, plastic and wood
  • Speed 900 - 2810 /min
  • Abrasive wheel diameter 4 - 4 1/2 "
  • Abrasive wheel width 2 - 4 "
  • Precise machine guidance by supporting rollers
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Metabo SE12-115 10 Amp Description

From the ManufacturerThe SE 12-115 is ideal for finishing and polishing stainless steel for commercial kitchen and lab equipment. The new SE 12-115 features a long lasting motor with a winding protection grid that deflects harmful dust and debris.Overload protection ensures a long service life.Auto-stop carbon brushes protect the motor from damaging arcing that can occur as the carbon brushes wear down.Spiral bevel gears allow for an efficient transfer of power from the motor to the spindle, maximizing power and producing a quieter operation. Safety features include double insulation that protects users against electric shock and a spindle lock that allows for easy and safe removal and tightening of the accessories. The tool is rated at 10 amps with an input rating of 1200 watts and has a no-load speed of 900-2810 rpm.The burnisher is 13.5” long and weighs 6.25 lbs. The SE 12-115 features a full range of standardized accessories and comes with a carrying case, three sanding belts, an expansion roll for grinding and polishing sleeves, spacer rings, a non-woven nylon wheel, a flap wheel and a roller/spindle extension.

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