HeatVacXL w/ 5cfm Pump Heated Vacuum Chamber Official Review

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HeatVacXL w 5cfm Pump Heated Vacuum Chamber Official Review

HeatVacXL w/ 5cfm Pump Features

  • Affordable alternative to laboratory-grade vacuum ovens - Complete kit comes with high-quality 5cfm two-stage pump and, gauge/hose and all adapter fittings
  • Uniform heat - 50% larger 9" diameter aluminum work surface distributes heat evenly
  • Wide temperature range; room temp up to (160ËšF / 71ËšC) - Easy to set desired temperature
  • Accurate, digital temperature-controlled heated surface inside the vacuum chamber makes degassing faster and simpler - Larger 7.75" interior clearance for vertical product expansion
  • Designed to give you precise temperature control of a large aluminum surface inside of your vacuum chamber, simplifying the degassing process of urethanes, silicones, epoxies and other solvent-based extracts.
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HeatVacXL w/ 5cfm Pump Description

HeatVacXL Gold Package. Heated Vacuum Chamber w/ 5CFM two-stage Robinair vacuum pump. Complete Kit with all accessories included. Many materials can be degassed quicker and more easily if heat is applied. Traditional vacuum chambers are either unable to be heated, or difficult to accurately control. The HeatVacXL applies even, accurate heat directly under the material, instead of heating the chamber exterior. This gives the user complete control over their degassing process. HeatVacXL Gold Package: Kit includes one vacuum chamber with clear polycarbonate top and chemical-resistant white polypropylene bottom. Includes instructions and 6-month warranty against defects. Polypropylene stopcock with PTFE plug accepts 1/4" I.D. tubing and allows a controlled entrance of air preventing unnecessary turbulence. Holds a full vacuum (29.9" Hg) at room temperature for 24 hours; will remain airtight even if not under vacuum. Inner chamber is 7.75" tall, diameter is 9" and the entire surface area of the burnished aluminum disc is heated. Includes digital temperature control unit and 120vac grounded power cord. Also included: Hose and Gauge Kit: Two feet of 1/4" hose and gauge for reading vacuum in inches of mercury. Robinair 5CFM two-stage pump: 5cfm two-stage rotary vane design provides powerful quiet high vacuum capability and assures moisture removal while high pumping capacity reduces evacuation time. Intake filter prevents foreign matter from entering pumping chamber and internal exhaust filter separates oil vapor from exhaust flow.Vacuum pump oil and threaded hose adapter fitting included. High quality pump with one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects. Please allow 5-10 business days for domestic delivery. We also ship internationally! Note: Shipped by Amazon. If you complete your order with standard shipping, the order may take a few days to leave the warehouse but Amazon will deliver by or before the Expected Delivery Date.

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